Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday Fashion

sneek peek boho chic
this one might hurt your must suffer for fashion

not an Easter choice but, so've gotta love pink pom-poms and sequins!!

We've been having Easter dress drama at our house. I thought I had taken care of this when I was in Scottsdale and bought the cutest dress for Brynn. It was from out of state, no one else would have it, I couldn't even find it on the internet. She tried it on for me and it is too short...this girl is all legs. She had the day off school so we went on a quest. Now there are many cute dresses with sleeves this season, but most of them are short. Alas, we found some good stuff today so now she has options! That was a close one! How can you have Easter without a new dress?! We would have had to cancel, I know, pathetic, but we're shallow like that! I'll post pics later.


Annemarie said...

She's going to look FABULOUS!!! Lizzie has more than one Easter dress, too...shame!

Barbara said...

Shallow? I think not.....I wonder who taught you about new clothes for Easter?

Katie said...

I almost didn't get an Easter dress but made it to the store with enough time to spare and found me something. Thank goodness! What is Easter without a new Easter dress?!?

volcom_LC said...

i didn't even bother with an easter dress this year. they made it stake conference today which means i'm at home tending the monkey monster IN MY PAJAMAS waiting for Ryan to get home and pass on the spiritual feast. this easter stinks!