Monday, December 21, 2009

Missionary Monday

All missionaries want to have a white Christmas. What this means as a missionary is that someone you have taught will be baptized all dressed in white.
"Tommy is getting baptized on Saturday, the 19th. He is 15 and he is solid. We have taught him 3 and a half lessons in the last 2 weeks and he's been going to church every Sunday and going to mutual. He's got great fellowship from the young men. It is a golden situation. It's like LT from the 2 yard line, Automatic."
Elder Jordan got his Christmas wish.
I love how he compares spiritual things to football. LT is LaDanian Tomlinson.
Four more days until I hear my boy's voice. I'll get my Christmas wish too.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Short Cut

A new chapter in the Platinum Princess Chronicles.
Last weekend at a Christmas party I saw this girl across the room who had the haircut I've been dreaming of. I accosted her and after much fawning and flattery she agreed to let me get some pictures of her fabulous cropped cut. Please ignore the goofy face on the right. It's all about the haircut.
This was my original inspiration picture. The lovely Farrah Fath from One Life To Live. I don't even watch that show. I may however watch the shows before and after it. When I saw her new haircut I searched high and low for a good photo. And I found two angles.

My goal was to speed up the blond to gray process by cutting off as much color as possible while still covering my Yoda ears.

The back is 2 1/4 inches long. I eliminated my part which helps camouflage the nasty grow out line.

See, all gray.

At Thanksgiving we were getting ready for church. I didn't have a hand mirror so I asked my 6 year old nephew if the back of my hair looked okay. He said, "No." I asked him if it was sticking up and he said, "No, but it's all black and gray and white. Can you fix that?" Then when we got to church a guy asked my brother-in-law if Tom and I were his parents. I hit the guy with my leather gloves. I am only 10 years older than my brother-in-law. Seriously.
Both of these incidents gave me cause for concern. But I am undeterred. I will go gray. I'm six months in. If I hate it when the process is complete than it's back to the bottle.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fashion Friday

Today we will launch a winter fashion formula.
My uniform in the winter is a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans.
long sleeve t-shirt + jeans + loafers = frump
long sleeve t-shirt + jacket + jeans + loafers = cute
It is amazing how the simple addition of a blazer, boyfriend jacket or whatever you want to call it takes the mom uniform up a notch.
Roll up the sleeves...
add jewelry and you will get the respect you deserve.
This military inspired jacket always commands respect.

At ease.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Plush plum pleated perfection. They look black. They are a deep purple dream.
I have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head wearing these shoes.
These babies are as comfortable as slippers too. All suede softness.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Missionary Monday

Elder Jordan is one lucky missionary. He was able to attend his cousin's baptism. He told her that before her baptism she was on the naughty list and now she is on the perfect list.
Elder J may be on the naughty list for teasing his sweet little cousin.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Evan and Jenni graduate from BYU this week. They had their last day of class on Thursday.
I'm so impressed with these two and all they have accomplished.

Can I just say that I am highly annoyed that BYU does not hold a graduation ceremony in December. I mean come on. This is the day that we as parents have been waiting to celebrate for years. I had visions of caps, gowns, and tassels. I wanted to sit in the Marriott Center with loads of other proud parents and clap wildly when our graduates names were called.

Anyway, Mrs. Jenni also got a job last week. She got hired to teach special ed. in an elementary school. She starts on Monday. Before she even graduates. Her new principal told her that this was kind of historic as she will start teaching before she has officially graduated. They are lucky to get her. She is so good with kids. The other exciting news is that as a teacher she qualifies for a discount at Ann Taylor Loft. Woo hoo!

Evan has some exciting opportunities as well but will decide in a few weeks.

Cue the Pomp and Circumstance...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fashion Friday

Yesterday I had two parties. Time to pull out yet another party cardi... which I paired with an embellished tee. The t-shirt has a built in bib necklace. Be still my heart. Add my favorite boots and skinnies and it is a fool proof casual party ensemble.
Close up of the cardi corsage.
Confidence is your best accessory and when you have a fool proof outfit you can stop worrying and enjoy yourself.
I know these posts are shallow but fashion is a great distraction. When you look good, you feel better both physically and emotionally. Plus I'd rather talk about my cute outfit than my crappy health issues any day. A cardi-gan is way more fun than a cardi-ologist.
Party on.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I live with an angel. Seriously.
A couple of months ago I asked Brynn what she wanted for Christmas this year.
Her response. "I don't want anything. I just want to do nice stuff for people." Okay, do you know any 17 year olds that would say that? In lieu of gifts she got a cash card to do her good works. She has lots of good ideas and is totally excited to spread the love. I think she may have more of Tom's genes than mine. Is she really my child? I mean, I like to do service and all but I still want presents.
She is at the top of the nice list. Does anyone know where I can buy a halo for her?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Another party, another cardi. This one has blingy buttons. I like to pretend they are diamonds.
Party shoes My friend recently got her haircut. People keep telling us we look like twins.

I'm the much older one with grey hair.
That his her natural hair color. She has never colored her hair. For real. I know.
I'm grey with envy.
My twin from another mother.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Missionary Monday

Elder Jordan is no longer raising the bar in Jerome. He is back in Meridian. Dairy farm land was brutal for a boy with asthma and allergies. He has been sick for two months now. I hope that getting back to civilization will help my boy breath easy. I know I am.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fashion Friday

The Christmas season is in full swing. We have two parties this week and two next week and December just got started. So, what to wear to all of these events?

I give you my holiday party fashion formula.

party cardi + tank + dark denim + party shoes. I usually get one outfit together and wear it to all the events with a tweak here and there. But what to do when you will be with many of the same people at different parties? Stick with a tried and true formula.

Now, the party cardi is not your every day run to the store sweater. Oh no friends, it is a special little beauty that is distinguished by a unique feature like fancy buttons, animal print, ruffles, bows or beads. The one featured here has an unknown animal print and silver buttons.

The dark denim can be any style, skinny, trouser or boot cut. The darker the better. They are more youthful than black pants and work in most situations.

Party shoes are jewelry for your feet. Metallic, bedazzled, or sky high heels if you haven't had knee surgery.

Don't forget the bling. Just add some sparkly baubles and bangles and you are ready for most occasions. None of our events are semi-formal or formal this season. So I will wear some version of the formula to all events. I will party hearty in my cardi.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guess who's coming to dinner?

In order to spend Thanksgiving with these two we went up north for a visit. We were informed by Evan that he and Jenni would not be able to come home for Thanksgiving due to a previous commitment. The BYU vs Utah football game. I know where I stand on his list of priorities...
Luckily, Sis agreed to host the festivities. She is an amazing cook. Besides the company, the highlight of the meal for me was the homemade rolls. Just like Mom used to make. I'm still dreaming about them. Mmmmm.
Full plates, full mouths, full hearts.

These two took a course in Pie 101 from the head chef.
I am looking forward to many years of caramel apple pie.
I am thankful that I have never cooked a holiday meal and I don't want to break my perfect record.
This little one baked rolls for the first time. She is a natural.
I am bowing in a moment of silence for the rolls and sweet potatoes.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I love riding boots. I own four pairs. Black with buckles, carmel brown with buckles, dark brown without buckles and dark brown with buckles. This is my oldest pair. They are classics.
I don't ride horses unless you count merry-go-rounds.