Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Tag

I was tagged awhile back by Robin. Eight random facts/habits about myself. Be strange and insightful. I'm good at strange.

1. I speak French. Well Quebecquois actually. Due to my mission to Montreal.

2. I have many shoes. I hate numbers so, I won't count.

3. My name is Diane and I'm a jewelry junkie. I have a jewelry armoire.

4. I haven't been upstairs in a year. That's right, a year. We're getting an elevator.

5. I collect dolls. Some people think dolls are creepy, I think they're cute. I collect Madame Alexander dolls and I have 100.

6. I've had more than 20 surgeries. I could be in the disease of the month club. Too bad they don't send gourmet baskets like Harry & David.

7. In October I will be married for more years than I was not married. Weird!

8. Today is my broken leg's been a hellava year.

Anyone want to play?


Annemarie said...

I like the disease of the month club idea. Hmmmm, maybe I should work on that one.

calibosmom said...

That's some good stuff! 20 times under the knife? Ouch! Moose Munch...yummy!

ferntyler said...

maybe you'll get lucky and your subscription to the disease of the month club will get canceled and they'll stop coming (you know it would happen if it were harry and david :)).. that jewelry armoire rocks!

Brigitta said...

1. love the jewelry armoire and who gets to inherit all your jewels some day??
2. love the post about the two sweet. I have two sons that are polar opposites yet they love each other, and then I am sure someday they will not when they are teenagers and then I hope they will feel the love again when they return home from missions.
3. Why can't you go up stairs? because of your leg?
4. Now you must post about all your surgeries....we are interested to know, unless of course you want to keep them private.
4. Happy 4th of July

Hazen5 said...

Great interesting Facts! I knew you had to be a jewelry junkie with all those shoes, it's a dead giveaway!

Robin said...

Yay! I love your tag. You are very clever and I am not at all surprised that you love jewelry. Who doesn't?