Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Only Child

Pros of being an only child

  • You get all the attention
  • You have your pick of bedrooms
  • You don't have to continue to grow up in a boy's locker room
  • You don't have to share a car

Cons of being an only child

  • You get all the attention
  • Those rooms are empty, it's too quiet
  • You miss your stinky brothers
  • You have to share your wheels


Maree said...

And now there's nobody to blame anything on! And she won't have to share your attention--is that really a GOOD thing? But with the new 'do, people will start to think she has a sister!

Liz said...

I can't imagine such a thing as a house with only one child (young woman) in it!! I think my kids would go crazy if there were no one else to play/fight/argue/tell secrets/pick sides/watch tv/hang out with. I hope she has LOTS of friends to keep her busy!

Annemarie said...

Who does she have to share her wheels with?
I want her to come live with us. She can share a room with her BIGGEST fan..hee hee!!

Hazen5 said...

Something tells me she gonna be just fine!

ferntyler said...

hey, those kids are pretty good photographers! If she ever wants to hear yelling, just have her come over here :) (I know other people's voices are just not the same)

*Katie said...

Boy oh boy you have yourself a cute daughter!

alison said...

she looks like she's struggling. You might have to buy her another car or something to keep her happy. Or you could adopt two 4 month olds and she can babysit them!

The Family Johnson said...

I LOVE Bryn. Seriously, she is soo cute, sweet, loving, good, and wonderful!!! If she gets too lonely you can send her to live with us!!!

walina said...

Poor Brynn.....maybe we'll send Kalen back to stay with you so you don't have to be an only child. Im pretty sure Kalen would like to be an only child because it would be quiet!!!

Ilene said...

I say the pros outweigh the cons. Especially if attention can get translated to extra shopping trips with mom.