Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday!

22 years ago on Christmas Eve, I found out that I was going to have a child. After two surgeries and Clomid it was the best news. This Barbara Streisand song is the theme song for this event.

The best gift

That I ever got

Didn’t really weigh a lot

It didn’t have a ribbon ’round

And it sometimes made the terrible sound

The best of all it seems to me

It wasn’t neath the christmas tree

And yet, I guess I’d have to say

That it made all the other presents twice as gay

The best gift that I’ve ever known

I’d always wanted most to own

Yet in my dreams of sugar and spice

I never thought it could be so nice

The best gift that I ever get

Was sometimes dry and sometimes wet
Was usually pink but oftentimes red

As it lay so innocently in it’s bed

The best gift of the year to me

The one I hold most dear to me

A gift that simply drove me wild

Was a tiny new born child...

Happy Birthday Evan!





sadleir said...

What a cute boy! I seriously still remember at least five stories about him when he was a little guy!

Annemarie said...

Awwww! Happy B-Day sweet Ev!!

Hollyween said...

Happy Birthday to Evan!

And Congratulations on the engagement!!!

ferntyler said...

man, a birthday, engagement, what an exciting weekend!

fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR said...

happy birthday ev! i'll never forget our rides to seminary together- you were a great little morning companion :) AND congrats on the engagement! WANT MORE DEATS!

Sunshine said...

I love this song. My mom always sang it to my oldest brother...her first too! Happy Birthday Evan!

Brandon and Tenille said...

Gosh evan its your bday your engaged what else you have alot to be happy about right now. Happy bday. Ok Diane once there married your going to have to introduce her to the blogging world so we can intrude on there newly wedded lifes....

Maree said...

Congratulations on what must have been a wild weekend--birthday and engagement--WOW! Also, for the record, I just have to say that Clomid is EVIL--but without it I wouldn't have my boy either. Congratulations on your new addition!

gab said...

Oh wow! Congratulations on a beautiful birthday boy and a darling new daughter-in-law-to-be! They are going to give you some GORGEOUS grandkids!