Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sock talk

I've gotten many questions about socks. Let's discuss shall we.
Luckily, I live in a climate that doesn't require the use of socks very often, but here goes.

Trouser socks are socks that hit anywhere between the ankle and knee.
Please wear these only with pants. I like the semi opaque patterned pairs. Brown tights look great with red shoes.

Here is another pair of trouser socks. These are black ribbed.

If you insist on wearing hose...I even despise the word...hose...these are genius. They are very sheer and you can wear them with open toe shoes. Brilliant.

Brown tights are a staple and you can wear solid tights with patterned shoes and patterned tights with solid shoes. I think patterned tights are tricky to wear if you are bigger than a size two. That said, try them with knee high boots just peeking out from a knee length skirt.

Grey is the new black and grey opaque tights are a favorite of mine.

I've paired all of these different colored socks with the same deep red shoes to show the subtle difference.

If you want a long lean leg line, than keep your shoes and tights the same color or keep your skirt the same color as the tights with a pop of color on your feet.

Tights and trouser socks work just as well with ballet flats as loafers.

A little inspiration from Lucky magazine. Floaty dress + tights + tough boots

sleek skirt + patterned tights + high heels

I'd like to point out that this models legs are a mile long.

As much as I love Sarah Palin, she was wearing the most hideous pair of sheer black hose on Oprah. She has great legs that would look amazing in black opaque tights.

So, if at all possible go with bare legs. But if you girls are living in a frozen tundra, invest in a pair of micro fiber opaque tights, and some cute herringbone patterned trouser socks.

My sister asked me to provide a public service announcement about white and cream hose...never. Please, I beg of you. Get your mom a pair of opaque tights for Christmas.

Thank you.


tawnya said...

1. I live in tights. I haven't bought hose in...I can't remember when. In fact, I wore green tights with a brown skirt and brown boots yesterday. And I'm not a size two!

2. Once, in NY, I was on the subway and this lady sat down across from me. She was of latin origin and was wearing cream sheer tights. Just enough that you could see she wasn't one to rid herself of the black hair on her leg and it was all matted down under the nylons. 12 years and I still have nightmares...

Christie said...

Hose should be banned. I just don't get why anyone would wear them. EVER. I live in the frozen tundra and just wear boots with skirts all winter. Might go hunting today for some fabulous tights. You make them look dahling.

Robin said...

SO glad to read this. I need more tights and a pair of boots that will fit over my voluptuous calves.

Ilene said...

I totally wore white hose for my wedding. I cringe at the thought. Luckily it was a long dress, right?

My mom still doesn't understand why I don't wear hose. She is a die hard suntan colored panyhose gal. It drives me nutso.

Annemarie said...

Thank you, thank you. White hose should just be banned. All hose for that matter.

I need/want all of those shoes.

ferntyler said...

Last week when it was a little cooler I put socks on then decided they looked funny. Now I will refer back to this post as needed :). Thanks. Also the grey shoes with the flower and the red buckle pair are so cute!

linda said...

I'm a tights/trouser sock girl from way back...looovvee them, especially tights! Black and brown are my favorite color.

I do have to admit though that I used to love cream color nylons, I'm sorry! But not anymore, nope, nylons are history. If I do ever need to wear them, I'll check out the ones you suggested though!

♥Shally said...

My friend was in the YW in Lehi and her Stake President was trying to make it mandatory for the YW to wear hose to church.

All I could think was "IS HE CRAZY?!!"

I would rather go nekkid than wear hose.


Paige said...

This is a godsend. You have saved many of our legs and eyes from so much potential ugly.

yesterday my friend wore light grey opaque tights with black boots and an black dress. They were so light they looked cream and hurt my eyes. It's all about not hurting my eyes. I think of you every morning now when I get dressed to make sure I have my embellished t, cardi, jeans, and flats. thank you for the service your blog provides.

Lindsey said...

I bought shoes just like that at the rack the other day! (Double buckle ones) I am so glad you are re-affirming my fashion style. I was worried.

Tristan said...

White tights are for little girls!

I like Spanx...no I LOVE Spanx. I wear their tights. Usually just in black or I go without tights.

Lauren in GA said...

I had no idea that gray was the new black. The gray opaque tights are really cute.

My favorite look here is the one where you created the long lean line with the shoes and tights the same color with a pop of color on your feet. I am only 5'3" I need all of the help that I can get. I hope it will get cold enough to wear that here...though I won't hold my breath.

Is it okay to wear black tights with black shoes and a black skirt? Or does it look like you are in mourning?

Paige said...

I Blogged about this just so you know.

Melissa said...

Excellent Post! Love it! thank you for addressing my fashion concerns. :) I'll be hotter than ever in my opaque tights. (I freeze in church with bare legs!)

Celia Fae said...

I would like to share that I purchased four pairs of opaque tights with subtle patterns the other day. I wear them with pride. The best part? They were only five bucks at Walmart. I'm so proud.

And obsessed with youlookfab. I'm worried that Paige and I are too matchy matchy in our uniforms.

Kimberly said...

Thank you so much for the sock talk. I think maybe gray tights will help me out. I actually don't like black tights with black shoes with skirt, but with boots instead is ok. Keep the fashion advice coming. I need it!

Kristen said...

Thank you for the great tips! I got the Zappos gift card yesterday and I will be shopping. I will remember the socks/tights tips when I go to pair my new shoes with their own personal undergarment.

Thanks again for the Zappos card! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

Adrianne said...

I agree that opaque tights are best and black and white "hose" should be eliminated from the market. But what about nude hose?? Sometimes it's far too cold, or I'm far too white to go bare legged, and I don't have acceptable tights. Can I wear nude hose?? Please advise, I stress about this regularly and don't live in a place where cute or multi-colored tights are available!

calibosmom said...

Thank you for the tight tutorial and I LOVE the giraffe print shoes. I think they need their own post. I live in the tundra-tights are a must and NEVER white-I agree!