Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shoe Makeover

Kristen is a busy mom who requires shoes that can take her from one activity to the next. She is on her feet for long hours and needs a classic comfort shoe. She wants a black shoe that will work with everything.

Here are a few suggestions to help Kristen shed the frugly footwear.

This pair has a little silver buckle to up the style quotient. It has a gel insole.
I think that a black ballet flat is the ultimate classic shoe. I have owned a pair every decade of my life. Audrey Hepburn taught us all how to wear these beauties.

This is a suede version.

This lovely pair is a bit dressier. The beauty of ballet flats is that they work equally well with skirts, capris, and jeans.

This next pair are my number one choice. They are from the brand Fitzwell. I have never owned a pair. They have gel insoles. Hello comfort.

Kristen could stand all day in these pretty babies.

This pair is by a comfort brand Indigo. I like the silver hardware and slight heel. It is a little more casual. I think any of these shoes would help Kristen go from frugly to ferosh.
What do you think?


calibosmom said...

I love the Fitzwell pair! Great alternates for the frugly shoe.

Robin said...

I like the first pair and the the one by Indigo. Both are darling and look very comfortable.

lisset said...

love love love the ones with the bow. so darling. but i'd also snatch up the suede. mmmm like buttah...

Tristan said...

All of the pairs are perfect!! Well done Shoe Queen!!

Kimberly said...

I think these shoes are darling, but a couple of thoughts. What does Kristen normally wear her shoes with? I don't really see any of these choices going well with jeans (except maybe the ballet flats) or lighter colored pants like khakis.
Also, where does Kristen live? If it is anywhere except SoCal, Kristen may want to wear socks and none of these choices appear to be sock friendly, except maybe the first one. Would you please address my issues? Because I want to wear cute shoes like you! And if you can show me how to combine ballet flats and socks, even better.

Lauren in GA said...

I love all of them!! I learned a lot from this post. I really like the Indigo pair. That buckle is awesome.

Okay so, "ferosh" is my new favorite word

ferntyler said...

I love the first ones and the last ones are SO cute, but I like Kimberly's questions - would they look good with a pair of boot cut jeans?
you're so good, diane!

Ilene said...

You're so fun. I am going to email you a picture of my nasty shoes and request a makeover.

I am loving ballet flats and am mad that I only started getting into them. So comfy and cute.

And Kim, I have totally decided to go with cold toes instead of not wearing ballet flats. Especially if I am only outside for a few minutes as I run in and out of stores/houses/church.