Monday, June 29, 2009

Missionary Monday

"One of our wards had a Luau. It was pretty lame. I guess Luaus are a lot different in Idaho then they are in Hawaii. haha."
I asked Jordy if they roast potatoes at Boise Luaus but he said they had a pig. Sounds pretty authentic to me. He looks like he is getting a pretty good missionary tan.


Liz said...

Has he ever been to a luau in Hawaii?? It looks like he's having fun!

Tristan said...

Well it is Idaho. Can't get the expectations too high ;)

Gotta love the missionary tan!

queenieweenie said...

he got lei'd? uh oh.

Lauren in GA said...


I can hardly believe a luau in Hawaii is different than Idaho.

Queenieweenie wins for greatest comment! Of course, that will be little consolation when she is struck by lightning. ;)

Ilene said...

Idaho is not Hawaii. No luau is going to be fun if doesn't include that minor detail.

Ah, I'm feeling a bit defensive about Idaho. Who knew?!