Monday, June 15, 2009

Missionary Monday

Another missionary mom blogger came to the rescue last week. Remember how it was Elder Jordan's birthday, well Julie kindly e-mailed me to get the address where my missionary currently resides. She wanted to deliver a birthday treat. Thank heaven for this sweet stalker. She got pictures of his house while she loitered in the neighborhood hoping to run into Elder J. Apparently, the neighborhood watch team is on their toes because a police car showed up. Julie took her cue to leave, but not before she left a cake and card for him with her phone number.

As luck would have it, Elder Jordy actually called Julie that night to thank her, well I hope he remembered to thank her, and give me a message. He said he loves me. I cried when I got Julie's e-mail on June 8th. The next day when we got E. Jordan's e-mail he mentioned that he had not gotten his birthday package or any of the 6 birthday cards we sent. Come on, he's only two states away. I won't find out until Tuesday if he ever got his birthday in a box. Julie saved the day. She has a son on a mission who is coming home in 17 days...but who's counting.

Another blog friend, Robin introduced me to Julie. This blogging network is crazy goodness.


Heidiram said...

How cool is that? I love the blogosphere. I hope your son got his b-day package from you. Come on, we're in the United States! My missionary packages hardly ever arrived because when they went through customs in the Dominican Republic, I guess the customs people needed my stuff more than I needed it.

Gordon & Julie Bird Blog said...

What would we do without other missionary moms to watch out for our own:)

the wrath of khandrea said...

it's only a six hour drive for me to get to elder jordy. but the roads are remote and winding, and i really don't feel like making the trip.

love knows some limits.

but if you want me to email him or something, i will.

Annemarie said...

Elder Jordy has some sweet accomodations.
I hope he got your box (and mine...) that would really stink if he didn't.

Sunshine said...

What a wonderful thing for her to do! I'm tearing up just thinking of her rescuing his birthday! Now where is his birthday box?!!

Lauren in GA said...

I agree...blogging is some crazy goodness.

I like Elder Jordy's house!

I can't believe that someone called the Coppers. I guess it is great news that Elder Jordy lives in such a safe place.

Liz said...

Wow, that's a pretty nice house! When my boy was in Las Vegas on his mission all the mail went to the mission office and was distributed once a week. I never knew his actual address. I'm glad to know that the Blogging Mafia is thriving in Idaho!! That is SO cool that she did that for him!

Robin said...

Yay for Julie! I told you she was absolutely awesome!