Monday, June 1, 2009

Missionary Monday

Biker boy
I love this picture of Elder Jordy. He looks like he is 5.
Maybe it is the helmet, I'm not sure but I do love it
"Last Thursday I went on Exchanges with Elder Konold, he's from San Diego. We were riding bikes and it started pouring rain. Then it starting hailing and the hail was hitting me in the face and it was painful. We decided to take cover at the church until it stopped. We were completely soaked! Then it was sunny for a couple hours. Then it started pouring again and we got soaked again. It was ridiculous. Then on Monday it was 100 degrees. The weather is crazy here. Oh, and Elder Konold crashed his bike in the rain and ripped his shirt and it got all dirty. So it was just a really crazy day."

This is what happens when you come from a town with little to no change in weather.
If you happen to see this boy riding around the streets of Meridian, wave and please don't hit him.


Heidiram said...

One of the Elders I served with is the reason the brethren enforced the "You must wear a bike helmet" rule.

Do you have a way to auto-publish or do you just wait until the crack of dawn to be able to post your Missionary Monday moments? It's 4:45 a.m. my time. I can't believe you already posted.

Liz said...

That is a great picture. Tell him to be careful!!

Robin said...

I do believe that picture was taken behind my old stake center.

Annemarie said...

That picture makes me smile every time I see it!

Lisa-Marie said...

I'm headed that direction in three weeks. Maybe Ilene and I can do some mafia work!

Annie said...

I love it when young men look like their 5-year-old selves. Go Elder Jordan!

Lauren in GA said...

Such a good boy wearing his helmet.

On my mission the Elders had trouble with people opening their car doors on them to knock them over when they were on their bikes. That is why I am proud of Elder Jordy for wearing his helmet!