Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 Summer Essentials

1. Hat
Okay so you won't wear a hat at least do yourself a favor and wear a visor. Unless you don't like your nose and want to have it cut off. Or you love the look of old wrinkled leather, then go ahead, skip the hat. This giant one is like my personal umbrella. It meets the Dermotologist requirements. When you hold your hat up to the light you should not see any light peeking through.
Straw hats don't meet the criteria but I like this colorful one. It is so faded from years of wear.

2. Lightweight cardigan
This one is perfect because I always freeze on a plane. It is easy to throw in a bag and the elbow length sleeves are not too hot.

3. Sunglasses

I prefer huge ones. Seriously giant movie star shades.

4. Flip- flops

Just promise me that you will only wear rubber flip-flops poolside or at the beach. Please, I beg you.

5. Cute summer tops

So I have been slowly replacing my basic tees with shirts that have more details. Pleats, ruffles, cowl necks anything that takes them up a notch. It is hard to see on this charcoal gray but it has an inverted pleat which makes it a little floaty or it can be dressed up with a belt.

The scoop neck and puff sleeves remind me of my favorite dresses when I was small. I called them cupcake sleeves.

I love the color, the cowl neckline and the horizontal pleats on the sleeves.

6. Bermuda shorts

This pair is extra long. The red couch may be even better than the shorts.
Dark denim makes me happy.

7. Espadrilles

What would summer be without a pair of these quintessential warm weather shoes. I've had a pair every summer since I was 14. I recently read an article about the death of the espadrille. Rubbish I say. As long as there is an east coast there will be espadrilles. As long as the south of France is get my drift.

Classic I tell you.

This pair is even more fun with a slingback and metallic animal print.


8. Cute Skirts

When it is really hot only a skirt will do. Well not only a skirt, a top would be important too.

9. Beach Bag

I love this giant straw bag with leather handles. It holds everything you and the kids need.
This tote is smaller but just the right size for one.

10. Flat Sandals

I have had this pair for years but I can't part with them. They are perfect for vacation because they go from the beach to a night out.

Another cute skirt I couldn't move it for some reason but it deserves to be posted.

I shopped my closet for all of these items. Try it and then just add a couple new things to spice it up. Have I forgotten anything like white jeans, a swimsuit and more important a cover-up, a summer dress, signature jewelry...I may need to do another post.


Linsey said...

According to this, I am woefully unprepared for Summer, but I don't own any rubber flip flops so at least I won't be making that faux pas.

Liz said...

Thanks you so much for guiding my summer wardrobe shopping. I will be on the lookout for cute t-shirts and capris!

tawnya said...

I can't promise that my rubber flip flops are only used near water. Unless rainstorms count...

Christie said...

I need you to go shopping with me. I copy everything you do, as evidenced by the fab zebra belt. When can you get here?

Annemarie said...

I whole heartedly agree about the flip flops and the skirts.
I can't make any promises about keeping a top on, though...:)

+L said...

i just love your photo essays. i'm off to shop my closet right now. or perhaps this weekend. the tilt-a-whirl probably won't allow it quite yet...

Travelin'Oma said...

Can I shop your closet, too? One thing you left off the list was the color of your nail polish. Your cute feet are a great accessory item.

Thanks for the compliment on my new picture! It's by my personal photographer, Stie. I liked your idea of using it on my book cover better than my idea. I told Stie they could use it for my obituary. Book cover first.

Kimberly said...

I wish I could shop in your closet!
We are only separated by like 100 pounds.
I totally violate your flip flop rule, but that makes sense given I never look as fabulous as you do. Love the advice.

queenieweenie said...

Crap...if only we were the same size!

Where did you get the denim shorts and the green polka dot skirt? Do tell.

Jenibelle said...

Whew...I don't own any rubber thongs.

As for skirts, they don't make really cute ones in jumbo, and if they do per chance, then they are always TOO short.

I have a uniform that involves white shirts. Embarrassing that I have 19 white shirts. I need to branch out in color.

And Marty's right, cute painted toe nails are a must.

Hollyween said...

I have rubber flip flops. I wear them to walmart and I think it's appropriate.

I think I have an idea. Come and pick out some clothes for me. I'm no good!

Tristan said...

I have everything but a hat. I have an obsession with sunglasses. I think they may be my favorite accessory!

You need to do the jewelry post!!

Bridget said...

I love your fashion posts. I need some more cute tops. Loving the cupcake sleeves. Awesome.

the wrath of khandrea said...

you have too much stuff.

i still love you though.

Nortorious said...

I'm going to need a bigger visor. That puppy isn't going to cover my nose. Boo hoo, I'm the big nose sister.

Ilene said...

I am woefully behind in the fashion department. I am loving your skirts and espidrilles.

Time to go shopping

Lisa-Marie said...

I've been saving a little cash to go shopping when I go to Boise soon. On my list of things I'd like.... a floppy hat for the summer. Where would I look? I have no idea. I'm pathetic!

Also, a knee length denim skirt. Is that in? help.

Lauren in GA said...

I love that blue cowl neck blouse. It looks so dressy yet light and I love those skirts.

I love the flip flops you pictured. Mine broke recently.