Monday, March 9, 2009

Missionary Monday

These pictures were waiting on my laptop when I got home from the hospital.
Missionary pictures are the best medicine.
Esspecially when they illustrate the story from last weeks e-mail.
Here is Jordy sporting his chic new missionary sweater. Fancy new window treatments.

Jordan's blogging Godmother visited again.
I hope that Jordan will get to meet Ilene someday. For now she remains a magical mystery.
Elder Jordy told the story in last weeks e-mail...

"I got some cookies from my stalker. There's nothing wrong with a stalker who brings you cookies. Unless they"re poisoned. But I feel fine. They are great and remind me of the brownies Sis makes. They have that taste; I don't know what it is. Probably alcohol."

This is Ilene's side of the story...

" I made a stop at your son’s apartment yesterday to drop off some cookies. Of course they were not at home. They also have pinned a blue sheet printed with happy white sheep over their apartment window. I suppose they are worried about crazy ladies peering inside their apartment to take pictures for another elder’s mom."

Tuesday is the day Jordan e-mails and some very lucky Tuesdays I am on-line at the same time he is and we can send quick e-mails back and forth. It is almost like chatting on the phone. So last week, after hearing from Ilene I asked him about her cookie delivery. This is his reply...

"Yes, they're delicious. The blanket over the window was my companions idea. He likes to be in a cave."

Thanks again Godmother Ilene. You are a hero not a crazy lady.


the wrath of khandrea said...

ilene's last name does not lend itself to adding "eone" so we'll just go with the first name. "Don Ileneone."

has a nice ring, no?

Bridget said...

I love that Ilene is your little stalker. And email is such a wonderful thing. That would be so fun to be able to "chat" back and forth.

Ilene said...

A man cave is never complete without a happy sheep sheet covering the window.

I'm so glad he liked the cookies.

Ileneone. I like that.

+L said...

how lucky is he to have people watching out for him and sending him cookies. too fun.

Christie said...

I really hope Ilene took him the cookies she posted about that have coffee in them. That would really be something, no?

I love the whole blogging mafia thing.

And we're glad you're home safe and sound. Feeling better?

Annemarie said...

I'm so glad Jordy's sweet tooth is being taken care of!

Lauren in GA said...

Andrea kills me.

I love Ilene. A blogging mafia legend lives.

Those are some cheery little sheep.