Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Errand of Angels

Meet Jennifer. She is my personal assistant/cook/chauffeur.
The girl is multi-talented. By the way, don't I look pretty with no makeup.
I seriously need some blush on my sallow complexion.
Not to mention, under eye concealer.
I received these rather ominous papers in the mail.
I was turned in by the Dr because of my recent hospital vacay.
Whatever...the good news is, I now have a driver and will be able to have outings.
Don't ever take for granted the freedom of driving. This stinks and hopefully is only temporary. Like 6-12 months...I know, it's brutal. Meanwhile, my beautiful car sits in the garage.

At least I have plenty of reading material. I mean, Enquiring minds want to know.
Thanks to Merrilee for such educational, informative current events.


Paige said...

A girl with your style needs a personal assistant. Glad you are finally achieving your destiny as royalty. I want to come shopping with you and push you around in a wheelchair.

ferntyler said...

you look good - make up or no! I'm definitely trying to think of 6-12 months as temporary (like, I will only temporarily have to wear a whole different wardrobe of clothes with a larger midsection :))

queenieweenie said...

stink! seriously?

you are super cute even w/ no makeup!

Annemarie said...

Jennifer is a good nanny & Merilee knows you well!

linda said...

Since my husband retired last year, I now have my own personal assistant's kinda nice don't you think!?!

Hope the no driving issue is only temporary. As quickly as time flies these days, you'll be driving again in a snap!

Rae said...

I couldn't agree with Paige NEED a personal assistant/chauffeur/cook! And I NEED to come out and visit you! Seriously, hope you are well. Your outlook is positively inspiring!

calibosmom said...

I promise I will not curse anyone that cuts me off tomorrow! You are being super positive about all of this-I don't think I would be quite so gracious!

Tristan said...

You look beautiful with no make-up!

I am actually jealous your have a driver! I think that would be so awesome! I am not always a fan of driving. Plus it would be nice to have someone help you with your bags and children.

Lauren in GA said...

I agree with Paige. You need a personal will allow you more time to help all of us with your fashion tips...we need you.

Sorry about the driving. You have a great attitude and I find that inspiring. I feel ashamed about how I take some things for granted.

You have a beautiful smile. ☺

the wrath of khandrea said...

no, no, paige. i want to push her around in the chair. oh can you imagine if paige and i were in charge of you?? oh can you imagine...????

Harper Household and More said...

Hey, cutie,
No matter what you say and do, you are cute and fun!! Hang in there! Driving is "over rated". Hope you keep getting stronger.
Cute missionary pics. I need you to become my blog manager, writer, and picture auditor!
Love you,

D-dawg said...

I just read your comment about how Marilee is your best friend- I read her parenting book and loved it! Your personal assistant looks nice. But not being able to drive is the worst. I hope you can again soon.

Maree said...

Well, I'd LOVE to have a personal assistant, but not at the expense of the driving. Sometimes I just feel the need for speed. Let me know if you ever need a ride somewhere when Jennifer is not there. I'm not far away. :-) Keep up the good attitude.

Kimberly said...

I'm with Paige- a personal assistant sounds ideal. I'm so glad you get one! And you look absolutely beautiful without makeup. Hope you are doing better.

Bryn said...

Jennifer is an angel!! You are so lucky to have her as your assistant! She's lucky to have you! A perfect arrangement, really. You are totally beautiful and look great!