Thursday, March 12, 2009

Girl Friends

I have many dear friends who are women.
I also have girl friends.
They are so fun to hang out with.
This little cutie brought me a hand made card and chocolate chip cookies.
She picked out this darling chick for me.
We named him Chad and decided to share custody of him.
She gave him to me at the hospital, then when she came for a visit the other night she took Chad home until her next visit. The best gifts are always the ones you want to keep. I gave her a cool new hair do.
She reminds me a lot of Brynn. The blonde hair and spunky personality.
I always have fun when my girl friends come over.

Her Mom is my friend too.


Lauren in GA said...

I love that hairdo you gave her!

Those are some great girl friends to have.

Kim W said...

That little girl friend is a pretty sweet chick (and Chad is cute too). Ha! How are you feeling, Diane? I've been thinking about you a lot!

Robin said...

Cute hair. Even cuter girl.

alison said...

Love this post. Love your friend. Everyone needs a friend like yours. Everyone needs a friend like you!

Liz said...

I looked at the pics before I read the blog...I thought it was Brynne when she was little! What a great little friend!

Christie said...

You are so cute, my friend. The more I know of you, the more I love you.

+L said...

that is one creative hairdo. i love it. and chad too.

what a sweet girl friend!

gab said...

Diane! You are one of my favorite girlfriends...just got my special treat in the mail. Thanks so much...can't wait to shop with it! Just wish you were here to share your good taste...thanks again, girlfriend!

The Family Johnson said...

cute chick, cute hair, cute girl, and super cute Diane!!!!