Friday, August 21, 2009

Bahama Mama Part Trois

Bahama C's
I'm pretending I shop there. Crown
I've totally got it in the bag this year.

We enjoyed a sunset dinner cruise on our last night.
This slide has a timer that shows you who is faster. Brynn won.
While the others were off on their adventures, I did a lot of this. I perfected the fine art of napping.
You may not recognize him but this is Dick Vitale. He is a basketball sportscaster and Tom is a fan. He was nice enough to take a picture. He was on vacation with his wife and grand kids.
Can't wait to go back sometime.


Lauren in GA said...

I love the picture of the happy couple. You look great! (Love your outfit, too)

I am a great nap taker, myself. I should use that for the talent portion when I enter the pageant next year. Since you are going to win this year's you will get to crown me.

Kimberly said...

Looks so lovely...

Robin said...

Dick deserves a whole post decaded to him. the "D" post.

You look darling and well dressed in every photo.

Annemarie said...

Ummm...did you get a new baaahhhggg??? Dying. Loving it.

Great pics. Fun times.
I think the crown is a little small, though.

Tristan said...

The picture of you and Tom is so cute! You should have it framed and displayed in your home! You guys are too cute!

I so want to go to the Bahamas now!

Jessica said...


(I've read in a long time!)

Laura said...

This posts are killing me! My jealously level is at a 10 right now. I just Brynn and I were better friends so she would invite me! I've got to work on that....
I'll be watching Miss Universe for sure now. Since you'll be on there ....

Ilene said...

Dicky V?!

If I wasn't impressed with all the Miss Universe contestants, I certainly was wowed by Dick.

Please tell me he speaks differently in real life. He can drive me crazy when he is announcing games.

Now, YOU vacation like a rock star.

Davis Family said...

You look so chic sitting by the pool. I love it!

Heather said...

You and Tom are too cute! I LOVE that picture of you guys! what a trip!

ferntyler said...

I expect to see that picture of you and tom blown up to poster size proportions and put up on your wall someplace. are you mad they used the bikini picture of you for their miss universe poster? still so jealous

gab said...

Wow...Cartier, beauty pageants and celebs! You must be exhausted.

Bryn said...

Looks like so much fun...
Thanks for your comments. They mean a lot especially coming from you. That you even have time! Thanks!!

Brad's Mom said...

We went here one of the days of Brad's (Elder Woods) cruise. LOVED IT>