Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Had a Ball

Last night was our annual awards banquet.
I waited all afternoon for my Fairy Godmother to arrive but no such luck.
I had to reach into my own bag of tricks.

Fierce face
I love the sleeves on my champagne dress.
It has a Doris Day vibe.
I'm so tired of the sea of black.
Prom pose

Here are some of the products I use to create a little magic.
To prevent the dreaded flat hair.
This tinted moisturizer gives light sheer coverage.
I use this tinted moisturizer on my legs to cover the pasty white winter glow.
This eyeliner glides on.
This creamy eyeshadow stays put without creasing.
This beautiful compact
holds all kinds of magic.

I mixed a little bit of this with my tinted moisturizer for my face to give me a little J Lo glow.
Sweep a bit of this sparkly white powder on the brow bone and on the inside corner of the eyes.It opens up the eyes and gives me an instant eye lift.
A touch of this highlighter on the cheek bones brightens my face.
This two step long lasting lip gloss really works without drying out my lips.

Some highlights of the evening...

  • real cloth hand towels in the restroom
  • rich chocolate cake for dessert
  • dancing like a rockstar to the DJ
  • my big fat gift certificate

Every year Tom is the star of the agency. He gets crystal awards. We have quite a collection.

I get the gift certificates. Usually to Nordstrom. This year it is good anywhere in the mall.

Hmmm I wonder what I should get...maybe shoes.


Annemarie said...

Super cute coat, cute dress.

Can I call you Diandy?? Get it?

Ilene said...

Love the winter white coat as well as the dress. You look gorgeous, darling.

Tristan said...

That coat is to die for!! You look so beautiful!!

The Family Johnson said...

You look absolutely beautiful!!!! thanks for the make-up tips!

Tina said...

You look gorgeous dahling! Love your dress. I can't believe it's time for the gift certificate night again, the year has gone by so quickly! Can't wait to see what you get!

tawnya said...

What? Shoes? Isn't it time for your annual bag?

You (and Tom!) looked great!

angie said...

Time to go shopping!! Have fun!!

Paige said...

I'm taking the post to sephora tom so I can look like you. Gorgeous.

Lauren in GA said...

You look so fabulous!! And I LOVE the dress!

This and That said...

Shoes ! Definitely Shoes ! You look fabulous. Love the coat.

Christie said...

You are all that and more, sista. Looking good.

calibosmom said...

That coat is killer! THanks for sharing all your tricks of the trade! You look FAB!

gab said...

I love that you share your beauty secrets. Sure sign that you are gorgeous...inside and out!

Jenibelle said...

Everything you do is magic.

I too, love Big Sexy stuff. I was going to say that I am a big sexy girl, which would also be true.