Monday, January 12, 2009

Missionary Monday

Over the weekend, we went up to Utah for round two of the wedding reception.
We got to meet some of Evan's former missionary companions
from the Oklahoma Tulsa mission.

One of the highlights was meeting Evan's first mission President and his wife.
I can't believe we didn't get a picture of President and Sister Nielson.
It was such a pleasure to meet them and thank them for looking after our boy.
I mentioned to them that it was a little sad that our son Jordan missed the wedding
because he is serving his mission. Sister Nielson told me that President Nielson had
missed their youngest child's wedding during the time he served as mission President.
It reminded me that my mission President had missed his only daughter's wedding, the birth of his first grand child and his mother's funeral. What sacrifice. I'm sure that President and Sister Yardley of the Idaho Boise mission are making many sacrifices as well.
Why do they do it?
Because they want to serve the Lord with all their heart, might, mind and strength.
Elder Jordan started out the new year with a feast at Dairy Queen. On New Year's day everything was half price at DQ in Boise. Some kind people treated Jordy and his companion to all they could eat. Jordy didn't let his lactose intolerance slow him down as he ate two Blizzards and who knows what else. He is being spoiled in Boise.


The Family Johnson said...

The Yardley's are amazing people, or so I have been told by my father who has worked with him. Jordy's lucky! I love DQ!

Lauren in GA said...

I am glad he didn't let a little thing like lactose intolerance get in his way!!!!

That is amazing what Evan's mission president and your mission president sacrificed for the work. I am in awe, truly.

andrea said...

there is something about a mission. i just love them, and all things mission-related.

Annemarie said...

That was such a fun night. Jordy would have loved the chocolate fountain...

+L said...

I'm so sad that we weren't able to come up and missed the reception! Darn my hubby's work schedule! Looks like it was a lovely time!

Go Jordan!!

Robin said...

Mission Presidents are wonderful people. I am glad Jordan is having fun in my home town.

Jen said...

The sacrifice that Missionaries, as well as the Presidents make is astounding to me. It makes me question whether I am capable of such sacrifice? Truly great people!

Hazen5 said...

I hope Jordy's tummy recovered!

Ilene said...

Wow, those people in Boise are incredible.

Missing a child's wedding?! I can't even imagine.

Heather said...

Fun times!
I want to serve a mission again and get Jordan's call!

wenderful said...

Those newlyweds are glowing, aren't they?
I can't imagine missing those important life events for a calling. That's true sacrifice!
I hope Jordan makes it to our neck of the woods.
And my next door neighbors own all the DQs in the valley. We love the perks of that!

Sunshine said...

Glad my home state people are taking good care of Jordan. Did anyone take him out to cut down his own Christmas tree? ;->
Thanks for this post. My lil bro has 6 months left, and I'm SO ready to have him home, but it's good to remember why we as families let them go. I can't even imagine how it is with your own kids, cause it's hard enough with the siblings.
Love you Diane!!