Sunday, January 27, 2008

101 Donations

I'm a pretty shallow girl, but there is a deep end in my personality pool. I'm working on a humanitarian project and the 2008 goal is to collect 101 Donations of crib blankets for babies in need. April 21, 2007 Elder Bednar was speaking at the Virginia Tech Institute shortly after the tragedy. He said " If you strive to become instruments in the hands of the Lord to heal others, then you yourselves will be healed." Last year was pretty rough physically and emotionally. If I can help one mother who needs a blanket to wrap her child in then, perhaps the Lord will wrap me a little tighter in His arms. I'm domestically challenged and even I can tie a quilt! No excuses! Join me for our monthly quilting parties. Now, let's get back to the fluff!!


Annemarie said...

Those quilts are looking so cute...wish I was there to help!

Kenny and Linsey said...

This is such a wonderful cause. When we were in UT in December/January, my little boy had to go to the hospital and be put under anesthesia. They game him a blanket someone had donated before the procedure and he had it with him the whole time. He woke up and saw it and smiled.