Friday, December 4, 2009

Fashion Friday

The Christmas season is in full swing. We have two parties this week and two next week and December just got started. So, what to wear to all of these events?

I give you my holiday party fashion formula.

party cardi + tank + dark denim + party shoes. I usually get one outfit together and wear it to all the events with a tweak here and there. But what to do when you will be with many of the same people at different parties? Stick with a tried and true formula.

Now, the party cardi is not your every day run to the store sweater. Oh no friends, it is a special little beauty that is distinguished by a unique feature like fancy buttons, animal print, ruffles, bows or beads. The one featured here has an unknown animal print and silver buttons.

The dark denim can be any style, skinny, trouser or boot cut. The darker the better. They are more youthful than black pants and work in most situations.

Party shoes are jewelry for your feet. Metallic, bedazzled, or sky high heels if you haven't had knee surgery.

Don't forget the bling. Just add some sparkly baubles and bangles and you are ready for most occasions. None of our events are semi-formal or formal this season. So I will wear some version of the formula to all events. I will party hearty in my cardi.


Linsey said...

God bless you for the fashion formula posts. They are changing my life...and yes, that sounds overly dramatic, but no, I am not exaggerating.

gab said...

Diane! I have a party tonight and I just bought a cardi. I was actually thinking of you when I bought it.

This is my problem, though. I feel too top-heavy for cardi's and think they make me look dowdy. What's is your advice? (I will subscribe to the comments so you can reply here. Or call me!!)

gab said...

Oops...forgot to subscribe. Help me!

Lisa-Marie said...

It's funny that Linsey and gabi both mentioned the effect you are having on them, cause you're working your magic with me as well. Just the other day I was shopping for a cardigan too. Didn't find one, but I'll keep looking. I did find a cute "boyfriend jacket." Would that work the same way as a cardi? I didn't buy it. Need your advice first!

And you crack me up...."some unknown animal print." hee hee.

I'm subscribing too.

the wrath of khandrea said...

confession: when i first started reading all this stuff, i thought it was shallow.

confession: i am also a beneficiary of your wisdom. i am hotter today because of you.

god bless you, diane n.

Annemarie said...

I almost bought a party cardi yesterday...looks like I'll be making a trip back to the store today.

diane said...

Ok Gab, I've personally never had the top-heavy issue. I can only wish. I am more of a pear shape. I think you can do the cardi with trouser style or boot cut jeans. It will give you a better proportion. Make sure your cardi is fitted and not too boxy. Boxy or illfitting = frump.

You could also try the boyfriend jacket formula. I'll do another post about this one soon. Same formula just switch the cardi for a cool boyfriend jacket and for a party add a sequin tank or a sparkly broach. You could also add loads of pearls to make it festive and feminine.

Lisa Marie, the boyfriend jacket is a perfect party piece. I rocked a black leather jacket over my party cardi the other night, because you know it was a cold 60 degrees.

Lauren in GA said...

Diane, I love you!!

And I agree with the others...I really learn a lot from you.

You are very beautiful. I always think that but I don't think I mention it. You have a great smile.

I am not trying to pick you up...oh, great...not that everyone that subscribed thinks I am hitting on you.

Lauren in GA said...

I meant to say, "now" not, "not".

Tristan said...

I am doing that formula for a party tonight! I will have to take a pic and post it on my blog for you to see ;)

Christie said...

Is it just me or does the song "Don't be Tardy for the Party" run through your head when you read this post?

Jessica said...

I put together the cutest outfit last night for Ryan's work party (semi-dressy) and i'm so mad I don't have anywhere else to wear it. I will need to post about it, just to get a little more joy out of it, I think.

gab said...

Thanks Diane!!

I am all over the boyfriend jacket.

I tried to call but you must've been out cardi shopping!!

D-dawg said...

Diane! Have you done a post on skinny jeans that I missed? I need a good pair that is not too low rise. I want dark wash and skiiiiny but NOT too low rise? Any advice on a good brand? I love your fashion tips. thank you!