Friday, April 17, 2009

Fashion Friday

Argyle Style I've been wearing argyle since I was 15.
My High School uniform consisted of a button down oxford shirt,
khaki pants, a Crazy Horse cable knit sweater tied around my shoulders,
argyle knee highs and Topsiders.
I loved wearing argyle knee socks with shorts and wool skirts.
I even wore pink and grey argyle socks on my mission with a grey skirt and a pink turtle neck.
I've owned many an argyle sweater vest and crewneck as well.
When my boys were little I decked them out in argyle. I still buy them argyle sweaters.
This trend is a classic and one that will never die.
In the 70's I wore my argyle sweaters with a simple strand of pearls.
Now, I prefer chunky necklaces.
My love of argyle will never die.
In my attempt to cover my under eye circles I have created a racoon look.
What's up with my concealer? I don't notice it in person only in pictures.
Stupid Lancome lady.


tawnya said...

Seriously cute necklace!

Lauren in GA said...

I have worn a lot of argyle over the years, too. I love it!

Do you think an argyle maternity shirt would be too much?

the wrath of khandrea said...

wanna be in our easter picture?

Heather said...

I love love love that sweater! Those colors are great!

Annemarie said...

Cute sweater!!! I need one of those, too. I feel a sister's shopping trip (or two, or three...) coming on!!!!!!

*katie* said...

Very cute! And I'm with Tawnya, i love the necklace:)

calibosmom said...

We could be sisters-racoon eyes and all. LOVE argyle!

+L said...

argyle is one of my true loves. such a classic- particularly handsome on the male set. swoon.

Hazen5 said...

You are Spring to me! Love it.

Tristan said...

Totally cute!

I notice things about my make-up in pictures that I don't notice in person too. Makes me wonder if it is noticeable to everyone but me.

Lisa-Marie said...

My list could go on and on about the things I notice in pics that I didn't notice in real life. But, I digress. Your sweater is darling. I don't know that I have ever worn argyle in my life. I should give it a try. It is darling! As is your chunky necklace. Heaven knows you need SOMETHING chunky in your life.

Robin said...

You are so cute. I think it is the flash from the camera that is creating that raccoon look.

Bridget said...

When can I hire you to be my personal shopper?

The Family Johnson said...

i agrre argyle is classicly beautiful on boys and girls!