Friday, February 6, 2009


I was tagged...fourth file, fourth picture
I love this picture. It was Christmas Eve 2007.

Evan's first Christmas home since returning from his mission.

The bittersweet memory attatched to this picture is that we had only learned the night before that my brother Scott had passed away.

I tag Angie, Tawnya, and Sis...I think you already played so you can skip it or do 5x5.


Anonymous said...

Hello. nice to meet you!

Liz said...

I agree, that is a GREAT picture!!

andrea said...

go chargers! oh, wait, i'm a patriots fan. scratch the chargers thing.

Tristan said...

Go Chargers! I will cheer for them as long as they aren't playing the Broncos.

John said...

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Fantastic pictures.

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Lauren in GA said...

That is neat that it was Evan's first Christmas home. I know it made you miss your current missionary :)

The Family Johnson said...

Your boys sure are handsome, Diane!