Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friendship or Virus

Amish friendship bread

worth the effort

I'm not sure why this is called friendship bread. It's more like a chain letter or virus. Someone gives it to you and then you pass it along.
The starter is like having a pet. You have to take care of it and feed it. It is high maintenance.
Brynn was very attentive to the starter. She's never had a pet.
I supervised while Jenni and Brynn baked the bread. I was the Little Red Hen. "Who will help me bake this bread?"
It was totally worth the effort...the girl's effort.
You might want to avoid me for awhile. I'm still contagious. If you are interested in spreading this pandemic to your "friends" and neighbors, give me a call. It might be a good way to break up with toxic friends and torment your B and C list friends... you know, the ones that bug. I'm just saying.
Next time, I just want the fresh baked loaf of bread please. Keep your virus to yourself.


Rae said...

Oh, this was too funny! I know exactly what you mean!! To be honest I have never made it to the baking phase. I usually get fed up with the gooky looking bag and chuck it out! Maybe I'll have to have more patience the next time someone saddles me with a little friendship! :)

Liz said...

I don't do well with things that need constant attention...I kill plants almost as soon as I get them and I have had a couple of bad experiences with the Amish Friendship bread. If the day ever comes when I HAVE to make my own bread, I will probably pay someone else to do it (wait...I already do that!) I'm very proud of you for making it to the baking stage, and I'm glad I live to far away for you to share the starter with me!!

Hannah said...

I actually have made it and I LOVE it! I need another friend to give me a starter...

Annemarie said...

HATE THAT STUFF. Whoever gives it to you truely can not be a friend. BAD stuff, BAD.

tawnya said...

I would totally catch some if I were around. LOVE the stuff!

Shannan said...

I did this "Amish friendship bread" for about two months straight before I just threw out that stinkin' starter. Did you know that loaf has like 3000 calories?
However, I did freeze about nine loaves of the stuff and it is nice to pull it out when friends come over for breakfast or coffee.

I'm neutral on the stuff.

ferntyler said...

dude - I LOVE that stuff. I am a horrible person because I figured out that if you make it the day they give it to you you don't have to do all the work but you get the benefits (of course, then you would have nothing to pass on to other people and you would be stopping the chain, but hey!)