Saturday, April 5, 2008


Whatever, I can make it with 2 or 3.

Cinnamon Yum

cut biscuits into fours
melt half stick of butter and dip biscuits
roll in cinnamon sugar

pile in baking dish

bake according to package directions

break up brownie bites

bake according to package directions
slap on a mint

So we've established that I'm not the cook in the family. My mom and sisters are amazing at this.Tastebuds proves this. I do have a knack for finding a recipe and simplifying it. Even 5 ingredients or less...I can make them with 2. The good thing about being a bad cook is that when your kids go away to college or summer camp, they think the cafeteria food is good. It makes the transition easier! I share my cooking for dummies.


The Family Rasheed said...

I don't care how many ingredients those look soo yummy!!!!

Carpfam said...

Those both look amazing to me!! I really want to try them. Especially the cinnamon one. Yummy!

Annemarie said...

You're making me look bad...

volcom_LC said...

oh my gosh. i love that bit about your kids enjoying the food at college! hilarious.

walina said...

The rolls are great. I make them only on Conference Sundays. So they are now called 'Conference Rolls'. I use butterscotch pudding, butter and brown sugar drizzled over Rhodes rolls.

Sunshine said...

My family used to make the biscuits with cinnamon on an almost daily basis (every day when my mom was working!). I haven't had them in years...I need to get to the grocery store pronto.

Jen said...

Love it...your my kind of cook! If it isn't simple, forget it.