Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reunion Wrap-up

We recently returned from the beautiful Timpanogas mountains where we attended a family reunion. It looks peaceful and serene. We stayed at the Timpanogas Lodge.
We missed Evan, Jenni and Jordan who are all busy with school, work and teaching the gospel.

There were lots of activities to participate in. The posters listed the schedule. There were lots of cute adults...
and yummy babies. This one is called Chunky Monkey. He reminds me of Jordy.
I love this little monkey too.
And this little girl has a big personality. Adorable.
There were foosball, ping-pong and pool tournaments.
Tons of delicious food.
field games

A candy cannon. Way more exciting than a pinata. A talent show. Brynn did a little ballroom dance number with her cousin the dance instructor.

The big family auction to raise money for the next reunion. Bottles of Aunt Ruth's homemade jam go for $50. I scored woof-um sticks, reunion t-shirts, Sheri's homemade salsa, and other good stuff.
My most memorable activity was participating in puke fest 2009. Sick.
See you all again in Arizona in 2011. I'll bring the barf bags.
This family is large, loud and lively. I love being apart of this group. I married well.


Annemarie said...

The pic of Brynn on the giant ball is hilarious.

Thank you for NOT bringing pukefest 2009 to my house.

Lauren in GA said...

I agree, you married well, indeed! I agree with Annemarie...that action shot of Brynn with the huge beach ball is AWESOME!

My kids would so love the candy cannon. It kind of goes without saying that I would, too. I could just stand underneath the blast with my mouth wide open.

The auction is a great idea!

Linsey said...

Yes, the picture of Brynn and the ball is classic! And, love the idea of an auction, brilliant! Also, apparently I have nothing unique to say. Or, Annemarie and Lauren and I are just kindred spirits.

Sally said...

Wow! This looks fabulous! I love the idea of an auction to help fund the next reunion, and I love all the organization and activities. Sorry about the puking, it always happens when families get together.

alison said...

I've never seen a family reunion so big! I actually have one that I've never gone to. I would not want to be in charge of planning that. I'd make everyone go to Club Med.

Gordon & Julie Bird Blog said...

Wow, that is a family reunion. It looks like the perfect place and like everyone loves being together. I love family reunions.
No pictures of you, though?

Hazen5 said...

Family Reunions are my favorite. There is always something crazy going on.

Mine's next week!

Tristan said...

Love the giant ball!! Glad you had such a good time!

Travelin'Oma said...

We had a hot-dog eating contest at our reunion and it resulted in a late-night puke fest. That was a little too much togetherness.

calibosmom said...

I love reunions and it looks like you had a great one! I love the auction idea-brilliant! Aren't families awesome?!!?

gab said...

Timp Lodge! We had our first married "Thanksgiving" with our BYU ward there. Good times.

Looks like a fun reunion.

Annie said...

We used to go there for family reunions! I love that whole canyon. What a fun time. Sorry to hear about the puke fest, though.

The Family Johnson said...

what fun! I didn't know Brynn knew how to cool!