Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shoesday + a tag

Annie tagged me for show and tell. Because there are shoes involved, I'll play.

  1. Kitchen Sink.

Yes, that's my rusty pizza pan. I didn't even put the dishes away.


Pretty on the outside...

scary on the inside!

3. Toilet.

Don't laugh at the handicapped.

4. Laundry

Notice the almond washer purchased back in the day and the white dryer. They don't make that color anymore.

5. What the Kids are Doing

This one just got home from work.

and this one is having an after school snack.

6. Favorite Room

Dining room. I like the pillars, the ceiling color and the built-in cabinet. I also like that it now has a purpose besides being pretty. It is now the quilt room.

7. Closet

Umm, I have two...downstairs

and upstairs or "the archive"

8. Favorite Shoes

Current favorite shoes. Cute, comfy ballet flats that can be dressed up or down.

9. Self Portrait

My hair is tweaked and you can see my flappy tri-cep.

10. Dream Vacation

I'll go with Norway. Drammen to be exact. The homeland.

Now I tag Sis (who refused then changed her mind) Alisa

Be real. No cheating or cleaning up girls!


Heather said...

Love the necklace btw

What do I do with my biter?!

Sunshine said...

Love this post! I love that you have an archive closet.

Annemarie said...

I hate you.

andrea said...

you are so cute diane. honestly. and you really have a lot of clothes.

however, i feel i've seen too much with your toilet.

Ilene said...

Can I come over and borrow some clothes?

tawnya said...

I just adore you!

How much did Brynn love that picture being put up for all the world to see?

fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR said...

ohhhh! i so want to play.
i will definitely follow suit when i get my camera back, i promise!!!

Annie said...

Thanks for playing along & satisfyin my curiosity! You're a good sport.

Your closet and archive answer my unspoken question about where you keep all those fantastic shoes (and clothes). Something to aspire to!

Annie said...

or satisfying. I don't usually drop the g. ;)

ferntyler said...

seriously, the archive closet is awesome (mostly because that means there is a whole closet of stuff you actually like)..
summer's almost here, so you know I'll be in touch soon :)

Annemarie said...

done...you need to at least link me...

Mendenhalls said...

I hope Tom uses that toilet seat! It looks really comfy.

alison said...

Is that skirt from Boden?

The Family Johnson said...

I, too love your dinning room, in fact I love your whole house. Two closets, wow. Do you need help cleaning anything out???? :)

Jessica said...

Best toilet of the week, totally.

calibosmom said...

Holy closet batgirl! You wouldn't be real without a little triflab! :)

diane said...

Yes Alison, Boden 20% off! Cute don't cha think?!

Anonymous said...

Jealous of the two closets. Cute house. Cleaning out the fridge is on my list of worst chores. Happy to see that I may not be alone. :)

SavvyGirl & Company said...

Cute Diane -- you have the best "archives" going!!

alison said...

I love Boden! I just saw that skirt in their catalog and marked it.